Nashville CNC is dedicated to providing precision routing services to companies or individuals involved in artistic or industrial manufacturing.
We work with large and small businesses as well as individual hobbyists. Our customers include business owners, artists, machinists, teachers, hobbyists, and any maker that appreciates superior quality at a competitively low price. We can also help you source the best value in materials.  We have relationships with lumber yards and plastic suppliers to get you discounted prices on materials.
Whether you need bulk cuts or just a one-off, we are your solution. Are you a designer looking for Motion Control to get ahead in product development or a business manager needing to mass produce parts faster than machining parts manually? You can send us over your CAD file or we can take your measurements, design and program it for you. Once your file has been created, it’s as simple as emailing us for subsequent cuts.  The router is not limited to woods.


Soft Wood

Hard Wood 

Ply Wood 


Composite Materials


MDF & Laminates

Other Materials

MDF & Laminates

HDU & Foams

Hard Surface ( Corian )

Valchromat ( Color MDF )


We specialize in complete CNC routing services in a variety of materials